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Should brands disclose if they’re using AI in social media campaigns?

This was the latest industry forum from Campaign Middle East.

This was the latest industry forum from Campaign Middle East.

In my opinion, the answer is a resounding YES. Generative AI has reached remarkable sophistication, enabling the creation of lifelike and captivating content that often blurs the line between human and AI generation. Unfortunately, some have been utilizing AI to develop social media content without disclosing its non-human origin.

There are multiple reasons why we – as brands – should disclose the use of AI. Firstly, transparency is essential to consumers, who have the right to know whether the content they engage with is created by humans or AI. Misleading audiences into believing that AI-generated content is human-created undermines trust and authenticity. Secondly, disclosing AI-generated content establishes a foundation of trust between brands and consumers. By openly acknowledging the role of AI, brands demonstrate confidence in the quality of their content and show they are not attempting to deceive their audience. This transparency fosters trust and credibility, potentially leading to increased brand loyalty.

Moreover, disclosing AI-generated content helps brands mitigate legal liability. In several markets – including this region - distributing false or misleading content is prohibited by law. Failure to disclose the use of AI could leave brands susceptible to legal consequences if their content is found to be deceptive or misleading.

Undoubtedly, GenAI is a powerful tool, and inevitably, we do have to use it and as it becomes even more intuitive, we will find it seeping in to our everyday lives. But as brands, we must hold ourselves to a greater truth as expected by all stakeholders, or, as to use a common comic-derived moniker “with great GenAI, comes great responsibility.”

So let’s all take this responsibility seriously.

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