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About the book

Are you looking to establish a marketing and communications department from scratch?


Are you an aspiring student new to the marcomms field altogether?

Or are you already established in the profession, but looking to increase your success?


Regardless of your background, Marketing and Communications on the Job is the must-read strategic guide for marketing professionals who want to make an impact.


Author Marwa Kaabour shares tried-and-tested frameworks, effective checklists, and tangible skills that you can use to decode the disciplines of marketing and communications.

marketing and communications on the job

Discover practical tools for leading impactful marketing departments, establishing and growing brands, and ensuring the profitability of your team.


The world is changing at a rapid speed, and the lines between marketing and communications are blurring.


Budgets are shrinking, but expectations are expanding.


Consider this book a two-in-one bundle. The first part of the book will help you in establishing your department from scratch and the second part will assist you in navigating the world of branding, corporate communication, and putting together a comprehensive strategy deck.


The First Impressions Framework will be guide you on how to draw observations on three key areas in the business prior to joining.


The View From The Top Framework will guide you on how best to explore the status of the business as the founders or management see it. It then allows you to understand the company's vision and future orientation. The View From The Bottom Framework guides you tocomplete your exploration from the bottom of the company and its customers. The View in Numbers Framework shows you how to understand the company's financial structure and marketing budgets. Envisioning Your Department chapter will help you identify challenges on hand and how to match the right marcomms solution to them. The Team That Will Get You There chapter and will guide you on how to build a winning marcomms team.


The second section of the book offers multiple crash courses on branding building and corporate communication. These will come in handy to those who have not yet experienced public relations, media relations, branding, sponsorships, and events.


The timeless, effective tips in Marketing and Communications on the Job book will future-proof your skills, and support you time and time again - even when the world is in a state of chaos and bewilderment.

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