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Meet & Greet with Social Influencers

It’s quite evident that brands’ collaborations with influencers has become part and parcel of their marketing mix. These partnerships not only amplify a brand’s message to a wider audience, but also pave the way for lasting experiences to be held in memory, and of course a bigger pool of leads to start pouring in. 🗯 💌 Al Masaood Automobiles #INFINITI conjured an interesting way to start conversations with potential influencers and introduce them to their stylish luxury car brand. 🤲 Themed “Harmony in Motion”, the team held an exclusive ‘Meet & Greet’ event at the INFINITI Abu Dhabi showroom, where they hosted influencers from diverse backgrounds. The event was a great approach to emphasize the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and luxurious comfort of #INFINITI cars, drawing parallels to the harmonious integration of various cultures and perspectives among the influencers. 😍 In concept, this gathering was aimed at sparking some buzz and conversations on the brand, but in reality, it ended up being a memorable and exciting experience for all. Here’s a quick highlight of the event for you to enjoy!



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