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Building Resilience

If you examine the life story of the earlier Muslim leaders, you’ll be startled to see how often they have demonstrated resilience during the holy month of Ramadan. They easily understood that winning and losing are not the crucial test of leadership, but the attitude adopted throughout their journey is. Today's generations observing their fast have a completely different outlook on this matter. It would lead you to question how resilient you are ? How ready are you to observe your fast and approach work with renewed energy and focus?

A Ramadan state of mind calls for a crowning of resilience. This is the ideal time to strengthen your will and character. By observing the rituals of Ramadan, one is reminded of how nimble our mind and bodies can be.

It could as well be the time to make the best of your job, to launch new ideas, up your creativity and push the bar higher on your goals.

May this month be your inspiration to make perseverance and resilience your inspirational companion at work.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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